Fernando Tamayo a native of Mexico City began his career as a copywriter in Norman, Craig, and Kummel. During his two years there, he wrote for campaigns for the likes of Colgate, Nabisco, and Alberto VO5.

Shortly thereafter, Fernando began work as a Freelance Creative Director, and for the next twelve years he managed the public image and achievement campaigns for Presidents Luis Echeverria Alvarez and Jose Lopez Portillo of Mexico.

Upon joining Darcy McManus and Messius, Fernando Tamayo served as Creative Director for wide reaching campaigns with Colgate, Kimberly Clark, Banco de Comercio (the largest bank in Mexico), Raleigh Cigarettes, Adam’s Chewing Gum, Philco, Hoover, Mobil Oil, Johnny Walker, Courvoisier, Berol and Tecate Beer among others.

Working with Publicidad Augusto Elias, Fernando served as Creative Director for Mexican Social Security, Jeep, Herdez, Banco De Comercio, Lancôme, Fiesta Cigarettes, and Oil of Olay.

With  an extensive list of accomplishments behind him in Mexico, Fernando came to the United States as a partner and VP of Creative Services at Bermudez and Associates,

and worked on campaigns for Bank of America, Bell Companies, AT&T, Caress soap, MJB Coffee, Disneyland, Michelob, KFC, Mission Foods and The Yellow Pages.

Soon Fernando’s success lead him to found Tamayo & Miyares in Los Angeles, and Tamayo,Miyares and Sherman in New York, where he maintained prosperous working relationships with clients such as MCI, Chase Bank, FHP HMO, Beneficial, White Castle and Bally’s Total Fitness.

Presented with a wonderful offer from Azteca America, Fernando moved back to the city of his birth to work in the second largest Network in Mexico as Director of Image, Promotions and Advertising for Channels 7, 40 and 13.  Here he also worked on the Todito Azteca America website and with the Monarcas soccer team, Beeper, and Unephon wireless phone services.

As of his return to the USA, Fernando has applied his creative services toward Direct Response clients and DRTV Agencies such as Capital Media, Hawthorne Direct, Cesari, EuroRSCG, and Mercury Media among others.

Fernando Tamayo holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology and has also served as a Professor at the Universidad Ibero Americana.